An effort to strengthen the prototyping community.!

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What is C.L.I.P?

Community Learning Inspired Prototype

Build a community-based learning approach to foster product prototyping.
Let us foster the idea to a prototyped model.!

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Frequently Asked Questions..!!

What do you do in CLIP?
We setup a community of students and faculties and train them in technologies.

What are the technologies you focus on?
We focus on any open source technology. For the moment, we have our cohort being trained on ubuntu - Linux, Lucee and MySQL.

Is there any money involved in this?
No, we don't charge any money.

What is your Engagement Model?
We signup an MoU with like-minded Educational Institutes and work parallel with them.

What happens to the prototypes?
Once the prototypes are built, if we find good talent aligned to our vision, we co-work with them to transition the products into startups.

Do you focus on Non-Technical area?
Yes, we have one Marketing program which involves no coding. But definitely the usage of a computer is mandatory.

What are the Non-Technical outcomes?
Whitepapers, case-studies, best practices, consulting / services startups.

What is the duration of the Training / Project?
We work on a 40 hour training and a 120 hour prototyping cohort which will span for 90 days.

What is in it for the Candidate getting trained?
Clear exposure to relevant technologies and the strategy to develop his product.

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